16 December 2015

2015 Christmas Gift Guide

Basically What i Bought Myself for Christmas lol    

I love christmas gift guides so much so i decided to make one myself, and yes most of these items are gifts to myself-treat yo self right?!

Jewelry, Trinket Dishes, or Jewelry Box

I am basically obsessed with jewelry, its one of those things that makes me feel better when I'm wearing it, and sparkly!! I found this trinket dish at Anthropologie and thought it was perfect for when I'm to lazy to actually put away my jewelry. The bracelet is James Avery and the rose gold studs i bought a few months ago at Kohls.

Monogram Everything

A monogram on something makes that item just that much more special. I found this mug at Anthropologie and really loved it, i think it would make a really good gift for a coworker or friend with some hot chocolate mix, chocolate, or even some cake in a mug ingredients. The little coin purse i also found at Anthropologie and just couldn't not buy it. I love the little tassel on it, i also love that it has a keychain so you can put it on your keys for running errands.


I know pretty boring but essential especially at this time of year. I especially recommend fluffy socks i pretty much live in them during winter.

Lips Lips Lips

A good lip balm is essential in this weather, i suggest the fresh lip sugar they are amazing and so moisturizing. I found this little set that has three minis in different shades at Sephora.
Lipstick, i recommend gifting luxury lipsticks because yes you can find a nice lipstick in the drugstore but there is nothing like the feeling of putting on designer lipstick. The packaging is pretty and most of the time it smells amazing-it makes me feel like i can conquer the world. I recently bought the charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick in the shade bond girl and love it because it is matte but unlike others it doesn't dry my lips out. I also bought the ysl rouge pur couture in the shade 01 red during the sephora sale and i must admit this was a impulse buy i thought this would make a perfect shade for christmas-will report back.


I think pretty much everyone is obsessed with candles. I really liked these two nest christmas candles and the packaging is to die for! Candles just make the house seem cozier in the winter.

Pretty Things-Stocking Stuffers

I love anything rifle paper co, i found these notebooks at target and thought they would make such a great stocking stuffer gift. Another thing i am addicted to is rose gold so when i saw these bobby pins at paper source i picked them up.

Makeup Bags 

As stated above i am obsessed with rifle paper co so when i saw they collaborated with le sportsac i about died. This bag is actually really nice quality and i would really recommend as a christmas gift either by itself or if you wanted to spend a little more maybe put a lipstick in there. 


A nice wallet always makes a great gift and i love the gift sets at this time of year because of the pretty packaging, and there i always glitter. I really like fossil because they are really nice quality without being overly expensive, plus if you wait a bit you can find a really great sale (got this at Macy's for around $17 with coupons!)

Headphones, Earbuds

Electronics are always a great gift in my opinion, especially items that will make life easier. I struggled all the time with my ear buds falling out of my ear and the big headphones just don't look nice. I had been wanting to buy these for a long time but couldn't justify spending more than a hundred dollars on these, well about two-three days before black friday i received an email from best buy letting me know that these were on sale online for about $60 i think, so i jumped at the opportunity and ordered them. They really are amazing and actually stay in my ears, highly recommend.

24 October 2015

Mini Sephora Haul- October 2015

I was given a sephora friends and family discount code so i did a little shopping. Now i know it's a bit early to start thinking about christmas BUT i am one of THOSE people who gets so excited once i start seeing the stores bring out all the christmas stuff. (The marquee star is part of the michael's christmas range, love it!) So i got a few christmassy bits. And had to include the bow earrings my mom got me last year at old navy so cute! (and a dupe for the kate spade ones which i think are more than twice the price- my mom paid $8.50)

 I really love the scent of the l'occitane almond range, it really reminds me of the holidays since i first bought it and started using it last year during the holidays. I was going to buy the full size shower oil but decided against it because it just seems to go really fast and i wanted it to last a while, so i bought the supple skin oil instead even though it was way pricer-treat yo self! right! The oil smells so amazing! and unlike the shower oil it actually lasts better and leaves your skin feeling so soft. I received a sample of this last year which did not have the pump and it was so messy, the full size has a spritzer which delivers just the right amount of oil onto your skin. 

Of course i still had to have a shower oil so i bought the mini for nine dollars, i will just use it in the month of December as a little treat.

Ah! The holiday makeup is starting to appear and it is amazing! I am suck a sucker for packaging so when i saw this little tin i just had to have it. I love these lip balms and the tin has a mirror in it which i'm going to use in purse to store and apply lipsticks. I kept the honey lip balm for myself and have the rose one to my mom and will give the nude one to someone else-sharing is caring!

The last thing i got is this face cream which is going to go in my mothers stocking. I love the packaging so much! I really love the print!

24 August 2015

Laura Mercier Mineral Powder - A Review

This is my third pot of this and i got to say, it is AMAZING! I really can't stand the look of regular liquid foundations on my face, they just always end up looking cakey or flakey. So when I saw essiebutton using this mineral powder about 2 years ago i went out and bought it and loved it. I then stopped using it for a while, and then fell back in love with it a few months ago. But my old one had started to smell kinda funky so i was happy to finally run out of it, and finally be able to repurchase without feeling bad about it.
The way i apply this is by first applying my concealer, and the using the real techniques to buff this into my skin. Which gives me a really natural look while still covering all of the redness. I always get a lot of compliments when i wear this foundation-so i love it!
It is a bit expensive at $39 but i honestly love it so much i don't mind the price tag.

20 August 2015

What's in my Bag

I love looking at what's in my bag post and videos so i decided i should do it too. Now i don't actually carry a lot in my bag because most of the time i just grab my wallet and phone and am out the door. But for those times when I'm going on a full day of running errands or shopping this is what i carry.
1. Phone 
2. Lauren Ralph Lauren small wallet (Marshalls find!)
3. Advil (necessary)
4. small flash light (never know-always be prepared)
5. Sephora Disney collection mirror (adorbs!) 
6. Chloe love story rollerball (gotta smell GOOD)
7. keys
8. Gum (can't live without it, and i find 5 gum lasts the longest)
9. lighter? (again you never know)
10.  Frozen Anna pen (yas, im a child) 
11. sparkly coin purse (again, child) 
12. hand cream 
13. hair tie (hopefully it'll be there when i actually need it)
14. Alot of lipsticks 
15. A mini dior mascara deluxe sample (because i have run out the door and realized i forgot to apply my mascara! -oh the shame!)
P.S. my purse is from daily look.

06 April 2015

James Avery- My Charm Bracelet & Necklace

So i live in Texas, and James Avery is kind of a big deal here. I was forever looking for a everyday necklace that was not gold because i had a gold one as a kid and frankly i was tired of gold. So when i saw a co worker wearing this cute necklace with a frog charm on it i asked her where she bought it from. And that is how my love for James Avery started about 4 years ago.
I love that it is really great quality silver but it isn't crazy expensive.
The very first James Avery i got was the necklace with the stethoscope charm on it my senior year of high school.
From there i bought the charm bracelet and started adding to it a little bit at a time.
Since then i have bought a Pandora bracelet so this one has kind of been on hold but i hope to add to it again soon.

08 December 2014

Marc Jacobs- The Lolita Palette

I had been wanting this palette for everrr but couldn't justify the price so when i got the sephora 20% off i decided to finally buy it for myself. And oh boy, it's gorgeous but the fallout! I decided the use the glittery shade in the middle one day and after i was left with my whole face full of glitter so i had to take off my face makeup and do it again- lesson learned. If you're willing to deal with the fall out, it really is a gorgeous palette. The glittery shade is my favorite, it just gives you that perfect glitter eye. But i think this is more of a palette you would buy if you just want something nice because you can for sure find cheaper alternatives that do as well of a job, such as the too faced chocolate bar palette (fav!) I gotta say what really attracted me to this palette was the sleek packaging, it's really lovely and a perfect palette to travel with.

06 December 2014

Black Friday - Sephora Pick ups

I had to work on Black Friday so i didn't think i would be able to buy any of the great deals, but when i got home i decided to go onto the sephora website (as per usual) to browse around. I usually stalk their website especially their gift sets. I went onto their $10 and under link to look at stocking stuffers and saw these beauties and started freaking out and bought these two. I was going to buy all that they were offering but decided to be realistic and just buy what i needed/has been wanting. I had been wanting to try more nest fragrances ever since i got their Midnight Fleur 250 point perk. So when i saw these i immediately added them to my cart, and then the first aid beauty cleanser is one of my favorites so when i saw this set it also went into my cart. Now after trying the first aid beauty ultra repair cream i think it is also going to become one of favorites, it is so lovely. I now regret not getting two of these sets because it really is a great value the ultra repair cream by itself is $12! I'm looking forward to next years Black Friday sephora sale!

12 October 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Small Haul

I have been wanting this bag ever since i started seeing it all over UK beauty blogs but being from America i couldn't get a hold of it. So when i heard that Charlotte Tilbury was coming in the fall i couldn't be more excited. I was wanting pretty much everything in her range but unfortunately i can not afford everything so a little at the time! I opted for her makeup bag which is gorgeous, and so simple! And then her lipstick in bitch please (love the name). The bag i absolutely love, the lipstick on the other hand is kind of meh. It is kind of drying but not so bad, i think I'm just used to really moisturizing lipsticks. So as long as a pair this with a lip gloss on top i love it, or if not a really moisturizing balm on bottom. I look forward to trying her other products, i have sights set on her powder next.

07 October 2014

September 2014 PopSugar Must Have Box

So after seeing everyone else reviewing the must have box for September i decided to sign up for it (mostly because of the pretty scarf!). I gotta say the box i absolutely love, the scarf is so soft and pretty! And who doesn't love chocolate! The brownie was kinda good too! And i am a stationary lover so the cards and pencils were awesome! The headphones i gotta say went straight out of my box and into my brother's hands, but i didn't really need any. I also has a $20 nike gift card which is amazing because i am in dire need of need shoes (hopefully i can use that). And i've been wanting to try oribe for ever but the products are uber expensive so awesome and it smells really good too! So overall i really do recommend this subscription box, it's only $39.95 and the scarf by itself was worth $125. Sign up here. And use the coupon code REFER5 to get $5 off your first box:)

One thing i do have to complain about is that i didn't get this box until October 6, but i think it's because they are fixing their website so hopefully they get that fixed soon.

23 September 2014

Sephora Haul - VIB Rouge

 So i did a little shopping at sephora the other day.... and finally reached rouge! Exciting!
I had been wanting the dior hydra life bb cream ever since i got their dior skin nude bb cream (which was a bit too orange-y for my skin) and got a sample of this one. I also got the clinique clearing gel because i got a sample of it and oh my gosh! this really works for me. As soon as i feel a monster coming on i put a little bit of this on it and by morning it is pretty much gone. I also got the ysl lipstick in 3 beige ultimate because i was wanting a ysl lipstick in a color that i will use as an everyday. Love this color. And then free with purchase i got thebareminerals best in show which comes with the eyeshadows that i have been wanting the top shelf duo.  

19 September 2014

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

So i got a $10 coupon from Ulta the other day and of course couldn't let that go to waste. So i went into Ulta not knowing what to buy and this palette caught my eye, it wasn't something i was dying to have but i decided to give it a try (mainly because they would give me a gift with purchase of the melted lipstick in peony - which i have been wanting to try). This palette is originally $36 but i got it for $23 because of my $10 coupon and then i had $3 in reward points (love ulta!).

My thoughts: meh! It is really pretty and i have been using it the past few days, but it is not something i absolutely couldn't live without. I prefer the too faced chocolate bar palette.
Now for the melted lipstick in peony i did not like at all, i don't know if its just the color i got but it just doesn't work with my skin tone and it is really drying on my lips.

14 June 2014

Sephora Haul.

Sephora sucked me into buying more stuff (not that that's a bad thing) as always with their promotions. They gave you 3 mini's for dad and one for yourself. Yipee! I had been eying the fresh sugar tulip for a few weeks now, and as soon as i saw it in a set i grabbed it. I have yet to try the mask or the toner that are included but ill report back when i do. The face cream i do quite like, it is very light and moisturizing. Since i love the Elizabeth and James Nirvana black so much i decided to order the white and give it a try. I must say i love the black so much more!

11 June 2014

Movie Night- August Rush

I recently saw this dvd at big lots for $3 and decided to get it. This movie came out in 2007, such nostalgia! I remember watching this movie and absolutely falling in love with it. After watching it have me this love for music, i remember spending the next week or so listening to classical music and wanting so badly to learn to play an instrument (hasn't happen as of yet).
Now plot wise this is not the greatest, more of an ehh type of movie kind of predictable. But, oh my! the music in this is perfection! I really love the song called This Time sung by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. If anything watch this movie for the music and of course all the good looking male actors (Meyers) and cute little Freddie Highmore!

06 June 2014

Face of the Day: Winged Eyeliner

 Today i gave the winged liner a go and eh I'm not the best at it, but i really hope to get better at it. I really like the look it gives my eyes. Oh yes and before i forget to mention i am wearing two different lipsticks in these photos in the top one i am wearing mac see sheer and in the bottom one i am wearing the bobby brown lipstick in Rosy. Why? Cause i felt like it. Ha Ha.

Products Used:

 For my Base today i used the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in the shade 30 Beige. (Favorite foundation ever!) Then i used a bit of the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder in the shade Rich Vanilla around my Tzone for some extra anti-shine protection. I concealed all the uglies in my face with my favorite Nars Creamy Concealer in the shade Custard. For my blush i used my absolute favorite the hourglass blush in luminous flush. Finally i used a bit of the Tarte blush (really looks like a highlight) in angelic as a bit of a highlight.
For my eyes i used my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, i used the shades Marzipan (all over lid) and Salted Caramel (crease). I then curled my eyelashes with my Japonesque curlers, i then proceeded to give winged liner a go with the LORAC front of the line PRO liquid eyeliner. Finally i applied miss manga mascara and filled in my brows with the hourglass brow arch pencil.

04 June 2014

Movie Night- About Time!

About time has become one of my favorite films! It is simply beautiful. It is about a clumsy awkward guy (Tim) who finds out that he has the ability to travel through time. Tim now knowing he has this ability decides the best way and only way he will use it is to find a girlfriend for himself. Now one thing i liked is how simple they made the act of traveling through time (all he has to do is be in a dark place and shut his eyes and squeeze his fists), it gives the illusion of this being a norm and helps focus on the real issues in the movie and convey the messages better. This movie isn't just a good ol' regular romantic comedy, it will make you bawl your eyes out and evaluate the way that you are using your time. And i loooved it! 

This has to be my favorite gif on tumblr! I love the movie and isn't that dress just gorgeous! I really loved Rachel Mcadams fashion style in this movie! Oh so cute!

May Favorites

These are some of the things I've been loving lately.

Expert Face Brush, Tangle Teezer, Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black, Mac See Sheer, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush-Luminous Flush, L'oreal miss manga mascara, Hourglass brow sculpting pencil-dark brunette, and Nars radiant creamy concealer-custard

Ever since i got the tangle teezer i haven't looked at any other hair brush again, it is just amazing! Same with the real techniques expert face brush, it is the only brush i consider using for my foundation anymore, perfection! 
When last ordering on the Sephora website i came across the Elizabeth and James Nirvana black 100 point perk and decided to get it, and oh my! am i glad i did. This scent is amazing! It reminds me so much of Tom Ford Black Orchid which I've been wanting forever but haven't brought myself to buying it. After smelling this one i had to try the white version, so it is now on it's way to me from Sephora (oops!).
Earlier this week i wrote a post about the new miss manga mascara and oh my! it's amazing and i've been using it every since!
My two lip favorites are first the Dior lip glow which is so moisturizing and oh so pretty, and is also an item that i have been using ever since i bought it. Then my second lip favorite is a lipstick my mac in the shade see sheer, this is like the perfect shade for summer for me, it's a nice coral-y redish lustre lipstick. 
For cheeks I've been loving the hourglass ambient lighting blush in the shade luminous flush, this just gives me a nice pop of color without making me look like a clown (which can happen a lot with me). 
Finally, the last product i haven't been able to put down is the hourglass arch brow sculpting pencil. This makes filling in my eyebrows so easy! Just one or two swipes and I'm done!