20 August 2015

What's in my Bag

I love looking at what's in my bag post and videos so i decided i should do it too. Now i don't actually carry a lot in my bag because most of the time i just grab my wallet and phone and am out the door. But for those times when I'm going on a full day of running errands or shopping this is what i carry.
1. Phone 
2. Lauren Ralph Lauren small wallet (Marshalls find!)
3. Advil (necessary)
4. small flash light (never know-always be prepared)
5. Sephora Disney collection mirror (adorbs!) 
6. Chloe love story rollerball (gotta smell GOOD)
7. keys
8. Gum (can't live without it, and i find 5 gum lasts the longest)
9. lighter? (again you never know)
10.  Frozen Anna pen (yas, im a child) 
11. sparkly coin purse (again, child) 
12. hand cream 
13. hair tie (hopefully it'll be there when i actually need it)
14. Alot of lipsticks 
15. A mini dior mascara deluxe sample (because i have run out the door and realized i forgot to apply my mascara! -oh the shame!)
P.S. my purse is from daily look.

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