06 April 2015

James Avery- My Charm Bracelet & Necklace

So i live in Texas, and James Avery is kind of a big deal here. I was forever looking for a everyday necklace that was not gold because i had a gold one as a kid and frankly i was tired of gold. So when i saw a co worker wearing this cute necklace with a frog charm on it i asked her where she bought it from. And that is how my love for James Avery started about 4 years ago.
I love that it is really great quality silver but it isn't crazy expensive.
The very first James Avery i got was the necklace with the stethoscope charm on it my senior year of high school.
From there i bought the charm bracelet and started adding to it a little bit at a time.
Since then i have bought a Pandora bracelet so this one has kind of been on hold but i hope to add to it again soon.

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