12 October 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Small Haul

I have been wanting this bag ever since i started seeing it all over UK beauty blogs but being from America i couldn't get a hold of it. So when i heard that Charlotte Tilbury was coming in the fall i couldn't be more excited. I was wanting pretty much everything in her range but unfortunately i can not afford everything so a little at the time! I opted for her makeup bag which is gorgeous, and so simple! And then her lipstick in bitch please (love the name). The bag i absolutely love, the lipstick on the other hand is kind of meh. It is kind of drying but not so bad, i think I'm just used to really moisturizing lipsticks. So as long as a pair this with a lip gloss on top i love it, or if not a really moisturizing balm on bottom. I look forward to trying her other products, i have sights set on her powder next.

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