04 June 2014

Movie Night- About Time!

About time has become one of my favorite films! It is simply beautiful. It is about a clumsy awkward guy (Tim) who finds out that he has the ability to travel through time. Tim now knowing he has this ability decides the best way and only way he will use it is to find a girlfriend for himself. Now one thing i liked is how simple they made the act of traveling through time (all he has to do is be in a dark place and shut his eyes and squeeze his fists), it gives the illusion of this being a norm and helps focus on the real issues in the movie and convey the messages better. This movie isn't just a good ol' regular romantic comedy, it will make you bawl your eyes out and evaluate the way that you are using your time. And i loooved it! 

This has to be my favorite gif on tumblr! I love the movie and isn't that dress just gorgeous! I really loved Rachel Mcadams fashion style in this movie! Oh so cute!


  1. I''m a sucker for a rom com- I thought this movie was cute too!