29 May 2014

Bite - Deconstructed Rose

Swatches on a piece of paper


As soon as i saw this set in the Sephora website i started obsessing over it. So as soon as i got paid you can be sure i went straight onto that sephora website and ordered it!
Okay so first off just look at the packaging! The box is so pretty! I really love roses so fell in love the design, the quality is crazy. It's made of this sturdy canvas-like material, so nice.
Now onto the actually lip glosses they smell so good (to me at least, have seen neg. reviews on the sephora website). As for the texture when first applied it does feel kind of sticky but after a bit it actually feels really nice and moisturizing (i don't know how, but it does) and all the colors are so gorgeous. My favorites are number 4 and 7.

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