30 May 2014

And we stay- Jenny Hubbard

This book, where to start! 
 Okay well lemme give you a quick explanation of what this book is about: Basically the main character Emily Beam is sent to a boarding school after her boyfriend threatened her at gun point and then killed himself in her old school's library. In this new school she starts writing poetry as a mean to cope with what has happen to her. As the story proceeds we find out other things that have happen (but SPOILERS! so i won't discuss that).
We learn the reason behind the Paul's (boyfriend) motives, and ah this book made me feel for that boy! (OH MY FEELS)
Oh my! This book really broke my heart, the poems before scattered around this book are so raw and beautiful and they tell a story of their own, it's as if i was in Emily's mind and got to see what she was feeling. A ride in her shoes i would say. AH! I just loved it! I really recommend this book to anyone reading this. I stayed up late and devoured this book in one sitting, so good!
I've never really been big on poetry, but man reading this book really has me wanting to start reading some poetry. I'm thinking next time i find myself in the bookstore I'm going to buy some poetry books. Emily Dickinson? Recommendations?

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