24 August 2013

Thoughts on buying used books

Long time.. yeah i know.
Anyways, today i went to half price books (a used bookstore) in search of my textbooks for school hoping i could save a dollar finding them used. Since i was there i decided to go browse the clearance section and found the penguin edition of the memory keeper's daughter for a dollar! $$ cha-ching i bought the heck outta that! Anyways so just now i decided to go through it and see if the previous owner had left anything in it (I have a weird fascination with trying to figure out who read the book before me.)  and i found the receipt for when it was bought in 2007 at a barnes and nobles in austin, i live in dallas. I don't know, it just makes me excited to know that. I also once found a airplane ticket from my copy of never let me go, and i imagined a business person buying the book from a airport to read during their flight and then selling the book back to the bookstore i bought it from. And then from a book bought from betterworldbooks i found sand in a few pages and some sort of flower in the next and i imagined a person taking the book around with them to read near an ocean and then under some kind of garden. Anyways these are the things that occur to me at 2 in the morning. Night.


  1. I know this isn't exactly a new post (sorry for being a stalker!), but it was such a sweet little story, im glad you shared it. You've made me want to go second hand book shopping too! xxx

    1. Thanks! And no that is okay. You should! It's the best!