02 July 2013

Books everywhere!

I have always loved to read. I remember being young and finding a little nook under a window and reading to no end until the sun went down. And now since my last post, i have acquired a obsession for buying books. My wallet is surely feeling it, oh well. There is just a whole lot of new books that i see and just HAVE to buy and have in my possession to read and love. I spend a lot of my time browsing through the barnes and noble website, and i've discovered booktube. I have also found bookcloseouts.com so many good books for such a low price! I constantly stalk their website to see if they've gotten any new books in that i've been lusting over but could not afford at their regular price. I might to a separate post naming all the good books i've found on their website. And of course lastly i couldn't forget my one true love, half price books. Now there is a half price books near my house but it is smaller and i usually don't find as many deals as the one that is a little farther to my house but bigger. Ah love love love that one they have so many books for so cheap and not to mention that they have a nice little coffee shop inside the store too. If i were to die today that would be my heaven!

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